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Neil can provide Top Quality Training

Neil has a Masters degree from Queen's University Belfast in Psychotherapy and related subjects, and a BA (Hons) from the Open University in Psychology and Sociology and as a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and his years of dog training in the voluntary and commercial world, he has earned the respect of his peers as a dog trainer and dog behaviourist.

As a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers, and after his years of dog training in the voluntary and commercial world, Neil has earned the respect of his peers as a dog trainer.

His methods are gentle persuasion, firmness and reward. The dogs he works with, very quickly realise what is expected of them. There is no coercion used what so ever.

  • Neil enjoys the challenge of rehabilitating disturbed dogs and has achieved some remarkable successes. So if you need someone to help you with basic obedience lessons for your dog, or, if your dog has developed bad habits, for which you are unable to find a solution, why not give Neil a call. He will visit you and your dog at home where he will observe its behaviour at first hand to establish the root cause and based on these findings, offer a structured re-habilitation programme to produce a happy and well balanced dog again. This is a process of change and will almost certainly take some weeks to achieve. Remember that your dog has probably learned its bad behaviour from small errors you or its previous owner have been making over many months and so time will be needed to undo the damage.

  • If you need someone to train specialist dogs for the detection, of explosives drugs, optical discs, or, accelerants, Neil can provide that service for you, with honesty and professionalism.

  • In the very difficult area of training dogs to locate drowned victims or, in the search for evidence where persons have been disposed of in water as part of a crime, there is no one in the UK better qualified. Neil and his Sprocker Spaniel, Fern, are available to assist you.

  • If you have just acquired a new puppy, why not ask Neil to call with you at home to give you his programme for teaching basic obedience and lessons for life for your new bundle of fun? The visit will last for about an hour and a half and is a service he has been providing for many years in which all the pups develop into well balanced happy adults.

  • Neil believes that Personal development is necessary to maintain his high standards and so he has attended a number of specialist assistance dog courses with some of the UK's leading Service Dog charities. He has also attended a week long Canine Conference run by Irish Customs, in which he gave a presentation on DVSD training. Neil is currently providing dog training courses on behalf of NSARDA, for civilian and police specialist search teams who are keen to develop his ideas on the Drowned Victim Search Dog. Neil continues to work with and study, leading dog trainers and specialists from around the world but specifically, Sweden and America.
    Neil and Fern Training on water.
    Training in the Forest.
    Neil doing some training in the rocks.
    Fern working the scent.
    Neil training Charco.
    Charco Locating Gear.